Custom Jewelry design is an exciting process, to have the opportunity to work with you on something so uniquely personal to you is our passion. We listen to you, make suggestions and provide guidance and together we design the jewelry piece of your dreams. If you have pictures or if you have a specific idea in mind, it is all good.  There is no pressure, only a beautiful memorable experience.  

Remember, all work is completed in our on-site work studio by European Master Goldsmiths.


Custom Jewelry Portfolio



The Custom Jewelry Process



After our initial meeting, we provide a sketch based on our collaboration of ideas, once approved by you, it goes to our Cad designer who creates magic. You still have an opportunity at this point, to alter the design. Again, on your approval we advance to our work studio where in the hands of our Master Jewelers, magic takes place. Your ideas become real. And that, is really exciting!

Again, all custom work is done in our on-site work studio by European Master Goldsmiths.

A Note of Interest 

Master Goldsmiths require a minimum of 6 years of study and apprenticeship before they can be certified as Masters.


Curious About Sapphires?

Ask About Your Personalized Curated Sapphire Box





How does it work?

This is an exclusive opportunity to explore the fascinating world of Sapphires. You can personally customize your curated sapphire box to suit your colour palette. You will have a private viewing of your selection with no obligation to buy. An initial deposit of $250 is required, in good faith, and is completely refundable or can be applied to the Sapphire of your dreams. Learn More.


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