Exclusive Layaway and Financing Services

“Sometimes, it's good to wait. The anticipation makes it more fun when you get there.”
― Ted Chiang, Story of Your Life


We are happy to offer layaway and financing services for those who want to secure a special piece while taking a cost-conscious approach to their investment.


How Does Layaway Work?

Easy! Once you’ve chosen your special piece, we take an approved credit card and set up a payment plan depending on your needs. After an in-store 20% deposit, we then take equal payments for the agreed upon payment plan. There is no opening fee or credit check. The balance can be paid at any time and you can take your purchase home once the balance is paid in full. This service is completely free; check out our payment plan options below:

  • 3-month plan for purchases from $500- $749
  • 6-month plan for purchases from $750- $1499
  • 12-month plan for purchases over $1500

When Should I Use Layaway?

  • Layaway is a great option if you don’t mind waiting for your purchase. Epic gifts around the holiday season and engagement rings are great opportunities to take advantage of this service.
  • When you’re looking to make a budget-conscious purchase. Breaking up your payment over time makes your investment more affordable.
  • When you want to lock in a price or style, but don’t need or want the piece right away. Once you set up your layaway payment plan, you pay the price you want, regardless of any future increases, and your piece stays securely put away until the final payment.

Visit us in store and chat with our specialists for more details!


For those very important purchases that you can’t wait for, know that we offer instant financing without the hassle of paperwork. Our Flexi Financing program is a three minute process that can offer instant approval so you can walk away with your purchase same day.

Payment is flexible - you can make payments over an agreed upon interest-free period through a platform which you have access to 24/7. The balance must be paid in full by the end of the agreed period. If the full payment is not received by the end of the agreed upon period, interest will be applied to the full amount. A small admin fee may apply.

Visit us in store for details!