The Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds

Buying diamond jewelry should be a fun experience. At True Bijoux, we’re experts at helping you find the perfect diamond or gemstone, regardless of your budget.
Our latest obsession? Lab Grown Diamonds. They are diamonds that are formed in a laboratory instead of naturally produced in the earth. They look & feel like natural diamonds.
4 Reasons Why We ♡ Lab Grown Diamonds
  1. Lab Grown Diamonds are Diamonds
    The hardest known mineral on earth with a beautiful sparkle. Diamonds are coveted as the most desirable stone for engagement rings & fine jewelry.
  2. Lab Grown Diamonds are Indistinguishable from Earth Mined Diamonds
    Lab grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical & optical properties as earth mined diamonds. Only gemologists with specialized equipment can tell the difference between a lab diamond and an earth-mined diamond.
  3. Lab Grown Diamonds have Controlled Quality & Colour
    Due to the controlled environment of lab grown diamonds, they can be formed in a range of colors & clarities.
  4. Lab Grown Diamonds are Less Costly
    Diamonds created in a lab cost less than an earth mined diamond of similar size, color & clarity. This is mainly due to the rarity of natural diamonds - they take billions of years to form while lab grown diamonds can take days.
Different buyers have different priorities. Diamonds are stunning & long-lasting no matter the source. Lab-created diamonds can stand the test of time the way natural diamonds do & are available in an assortment of qualities, shapes and sizes. Perfect for engagement rings, diamond earrings, pendants & more!
Question? Want to see a lab-grown diamond for yourself? We can help!
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