Exploring The Unique World Of Vintage Rings

Recently, antique and vintage engagement rings have become quite popular. They are beloved by couples looking for something unique and romantic. As well, couples love the idea that the ring has a history.
Diamonds have been given as gifts to represent love for centuries. The first diamond engagement ring was given to Mary of Burgudy in 1477 by Archduke Maximillian of Austria. Hence, there are many different vintage styles to select from and it is can be fun exploring the evolution of the style of the engagement ring.
At first looking for the perfect vintage ring can be overwhelming. In my opinion the best place to start is too look at the different styles of different periods.  Any ring produced 25 years ago or older is referred to as vintage.

Have fun researching all the different styles, whether you are drawn to symbols and motives of the Victorian period, the clean lines of the Art Deco style, the intricate designs of the Edwardian period or the fabulous Retro era. They all are unique and one of a kind and I promise if vintage is what you want you will know your ring when it finds you!