Be Different - Gemstone Engagement Rings

Yes, diamonds are gorgeous and sparkly and are known to be a girl's best friend. Be different by rocking a non-traditional sparkler on your ring finger by selecting a vibrant coloured gemstone as the focal point in your engagement ring. Express your style and individuality.

Since the 1930’s diamonds have become the traditional choice for engagement rings. Colourful gemstones have always played an interesting role in the history of the engagement ring and are presently growing increasingly popular. Couples exploring the world of colour gemstones are falling in love with the beautiful array of colours available.

If blue is not for you, then there are many different tones available in the Sapphire family including yellow, pink and peach and many more. People are also exploring other stunning gemstones such as morganite, aquamarine, favorite, emerald and ruby just to name a few.

Incorporating colour in your engagement ring gives you a unique feel a bigger look as well an added benefit, it can bring the price down. Check out my favourite colour gemstone rings.