Online vs In-Store: Jewelry Buying Tips

Goldsmithing is a trade that’s been around for millenniums. Within such a traditional industry, many professionals are still adjusting to a major change of the 21st century: online retail. These days, more and more people are choosing to shop online. With fine products like jewelry, this can be a challenge. Our store has worked hard to offer both online and in-store shopping options. We’re going to discuss the advantages of both options when shopping our lil’ local business.
If you’re a bit of an introvert, and prefer shopping in bed with your slippers on, we’ve got you covered. We are constantly working to add product to our online shop for you. With an intimate staff like ours, you can actually call or email the store with any questions you may have while browsing, and expect a quick reply. We know buying jewelry online can be tricky, so our exchange policy offers exchange or store credit within 30 days of the purchase.

Ideally, we like to avoid returns and exchanges. We have a few ways of doing this. First, we recommend carefully reading the dimensions of an item before you buy it! Pictures can be deceiving, especially with jewelry. Items often look much larger than they really are or vice versa. Don’t be afraid to take out a ruler to get a visual on the size of the item. We also have a Hold for 24 Hours option, no payment required! We will hold the item for you in-store, so you can come take a look at your item in person before committing to purchasing it.

We’re a little old school at Bijoux, in the sense that we prefer buying jewelry in person. Don’t get it wrong, we still shop online; jewelers like us just very much rely on examining a piece perfectly before purchase, which is much easier to do in person. If you too are a neurotic shopper, please come see our beautiful product in person at the boutique! Not only will you be supporting a local business, but there are many free parking options downtown Ottawa (hint hint, the FULL sign at 240 Sparks is not accurate).

Another benefit of visiting us on Sparks Street is our lovely staff. Stacked with jewelry knowledge, any of our sales professionals would be happy to help you find the perfect items within your price point. Personal shopper? Yes please. Once you find the perfect pieces, we offer in-house gift wrapping. Leave the store literally ready for Christmas Day 😉

Other things to look for when buying jewelry: gold vs. gold plated, earth-mined vs. lab grown diamonds, pre-owned vs new… make sure retailers are transparent with their products and provide all necessary information. It should be fun to buy jewelry! If you can’t find exactly what you’ve envisioned, or it’s out of your budget, we are happy to custom make it for you, or figure out a payment plan together.
Whether you buy online or in-store with Bijoux, we are always happy to help. All the best to you this holiday season, however you choose to do your shopping!