Learn About Lab Grown Diamonds

We’ve all heard that famous line, diamonds are forever. Do you think when Ian Fleming wrote these iconic words, he fantasized that soon we’d be growing them ourselves?
Technological advancements in the jewelry industry have allowed us to do so much: 3D printing, laser engraving, and CAD work, just to name a few. More recently, it has allowed us to actually grow gem quality diamonds in laboratories. So, why lab grown? Why are there numerous diamond alternatives to choose from nowadays?
Read on and receive the knowledge, friends.
Diamonds are the most popular gemstone for a reason. They’re the hardest stone on earth, so you can wear it daily and it will remain unscathed. Diamonds also have a high refractive index, meaning light loves to bounce around inside of them, creating the sparkle we love so much. They are also rare and expensive, so, over time jewelers have provided alternatives such as Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia. Though they’re good alternatives, many still want the beauty and longevity of a real diamond.

This is where lab grown diamonds come in. Natural diamonds are formed under extreme heat and pressure, turning pure carbon into colorless diamond crystals. In time diamonds buried deep within the earth are brought to the surface and mined in areas that have experienced volcanic activity. Lab grown diamonds are also formed under extreme heat and pressure, just in a laboratory instead of underground. These man-made diamonds have the same chemical, physical and optical qualities of mined natural diamonds.

While natural diamonds take millions of years to form, lab grown can take only days. This allows the prices to be lower than their counterpart. Another advantage to lab grown diamonds is that they are grown in a controlled environment and can be coloured in the manufacturing process. Naturally formed diamonds with a fancy colour are extremely rare as well as very costly.

So, if you love the brilliance of diamonds, and are curious to see a lab grown in person, stop by our store October 17-26 for our Diamond Challenge. Try to tell the difference between a lab grown and earth mined diamonds for the chance to win a lab grown diamond of your own!