Shine Responsibly: Sustainable Jewelry Shopping

On April 22 each year, Earth Day marks a global event filled with displays of dedication to protecting our environment. We wanted to seize the opportunity to draw attention to our complex industry, and the ways True Bijoux is committed to selling and creating jewelry sustainably. Societies have embraced jewelry and body adornment since ancient times, adapting as resources and techniques have shifted. Modern day equipment has allowed us to recycle materials as well as repair, restore and redesign jewelry. These are some of the ways we are mindful of Mother Earth within our operations.

True Bijoux strives to create minimal impact on the environment. For example, we take great pride in our use of recycled gold. We use metals obtained from our own assortment of estate and scrap jewelry, and then this is refined to pure metal at the Royal Canadian Mint. Over the years, we have established an on-site atelier, where our work is done in-house in Ottawa by our team of goldsmiths. In our atelier, we collect all metal scraps and dust produced during our work and save them for refining, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

We prefer to work with metals that can be repaired and modified. Gold, platinum and silver are jewelry-quality metals that can be mended and resized so you can enjoy your items long-term. Though costume and fashion jewelry is beautiful, once it breaks it is unlikely we can restore it to its former glory. Quality pieces are made from materials that can be preserved - not only does this mean you can wear your jewelry for life, but you can also hand down your pieces as heirlooms to your family and friends. All of our work is supervised by experienced goldsmiths who maintain a level of quality that we proudly stand by. Each piece of jewelry has been carefully designed and crafted with the highest European standard of quality.

Another way to reduce waste is by redesigning old jewelry into new pieces. If your jewels are sitting unworn in your jewelry box, and aren’t quite your style anymore, bring it to True Bijoux. Our team of professionals will work with you to come up with a redesign using your existing diamonds and gemstones. Your precious metals will be taken in as a credit and added to our collection of scrap material to recycle. We can also restore old jewelry items that need a little love after years of use.

One of the most exciting collections is our pre-loved and estate jewelry. Our team carefully curates pieces that we think are in good condition that we are able to restore and resell. Our team of jewelers carefully restore the selected jewelry, and we sell them at a reduced price. This prevents unique jewelry pieces from the past from being carelessly melted or thrown out. It is a budget-friendly way to find unique and stylish pieces from a time when handcrafted excellence prevailed. Our team also saves diamonds and gemstones from broken items and saves them for future use in our designs or restoration work.

True Bijoux is proud to say all our gold in our atelier is made from recycled gold. We strive to constantly innovate ways to reduce our footprint while maintaining a high level of excellence.