Why Buy Jewelry This Valentine's Day

Memories that Last a Lifetime

Jewelry has been a meaningful yet stylish way to show affection for centuries. From lover’s eyes pendants of the 18th century, to today’s diamond engagement rings, it has long been a way for people to visibly express their love for someone special.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for someone to buy a gift card out of fear of choosing the wrong present. We at True Bijoux think it’s time to take a risk and show your love with a carefully selected piece of jewelry that will be treasured forever. Keep reading to see why we think jewelry is the perfect way to uniquely express your love this Valentine's Day.

It’s Personal

Surprising someone with the perfect piece of jewelry can show how well you know them. Whether it’s a treasure they’ve admired multiple times, or casually mentioned in passing, they’ll know you listened and took the time to purchase something personal that they will cherish. Leave them speechless when they see you remembered their favorite gemstone, design era or diamond stud earrings - let them know you’re in this for the long haul.

It’s Timeless

Clothing fades, flowers die, but timeless jewelry never goes out of style. Invest in a well made piece and it can last a lifetime. True Bijoux offers free jewelry cleaning so you can keep all your favorite jewelry items in perfect condition. After all, jewelry should be worn and enjoyed, not sitting in a jewelry box collecting dust.

A Future Heirloom

As mentioned above, well taken care of jewelry can last for ages. Inheriting an heirloom from someone can be a personal and unique memory of their essence. Once you are done relishing in the memories, you can pass an heirloom down to children, friends, siblings, or whomever you’d like to keep the tradition going with. This is a beautiful way to connect the past with the present. Invest in a meaningful piece now, and preserve memories for the future.

It Works for all Genders & Styles

Jewelry can be a wonderful gift for everyone and anyone. Is your Valentine more masuline or feminine? Is their style dramatic, romantic, vintage, minimalist, or rebellious? Whatever the case, we will help you find the perfect gift for them. Chat with us online/text us, or come see us in person for any guidance you may need. Our jewelry specialists love helping you find the perfect piece for any style and occasion.

It Works for Your Best Friends, Too

Who said Valentine’s day has to be for lovers? Spoil your Galentine or best pal with something different this year. Catch them off guard with matching pendants, those hoops earrings they love, or a vintage charm that shows them you appreciate having them in your life.

It’s Been a Long Few Years…

Let’s admit it - it’s been a crazy couple of years: weddings postponed, vacations canceled, family gatherings obsolete. Surprise that special someone in your life by spoiling them with something they wouldn’t expect. We have jewelry ranging from affordable silver to fine platinum and diamonds. Did we mention our shipping and gift wrapping is free? Now is the perfect time to treat the one(s) you love to something memorable.