Tips From a Jeweler: Buying Your Engagement Ring

If you’re at a point in life where a marriage proposal is on your mind, congratulations 🥂.
You’ve found your person, now it’s time to find THE ring.

We love helping people choose their perfect engagement ring and wedding ring. It should be a process as beautiful & enjoyable as your relationship.
Here is a jeweler's guide on tips & tricks, helping you shop for your perfect engagement ring. 

Selecting the Right Diamonds or Gemstones

Alternative-style engagement rings have been growing in popularity. There’s nothing wrong with opting for unconventional materials to suit your budget or style. Still, there is a reason diamonds are the most popular stone for engagement rings: their durability. Diamond is the hardest known mineral on earth, so you can wear it everyday and it will remain sparkly & unscratched. At True Bijoux, we sell earth-mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds & pre-owned/vintage diamonds.  Note: diamonds love grease, so clean your jewelry often to keep it looking brand new. Diamonds can still chip or break if hit in the wrong spot.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

 Sapphire is another popular gem for a very important reason: color. Sapphires are stunning gemstones that cost less than diamonds & are also a very hard stone (9/10 on the Mohs hardness scale). The best part is they form in almost every hue: blue, pink, green, yellow, orange, purple, colorless and black. Sapphires are the perfect choice for someone who doesn’t want a traditional diamond ring, but wants to assure their ring stays lovely as time passes.

 Spinel is a gemstone that has long been used as imitations for other gems due to the range of colors available. This has led to a bit of a stigma surrounding these beautiful crystals. In truth, natural spinel is a hard (8/10 on the Mohs hardness scale) and unique option for jewelry. It’s typically red in color but also forms in tones of pink, orange, brown, purple, green and black. It’s a great option if you want color in your engagement ring, but do not want to buy a sapphire.

If you have other ideas for which type of stone you’d like in your ring, simply consult with us about your ideas & we will advise you honestly and help along the way.

Stone Shapes & Sizes

Diamonds and gemstones can be cut & polished into a variety of shapes.



Diamond shapes


Generally, long cuts like Oval and Marquise are best for elongating the hand/fingers, or giving a vintage feel to the piece. Round brilliant is the most classic & popular style as it has the most sparkle. We also offer vintage cuts such as Old-Mine and Old-European for the eco-conscious or history-loving buyer.

 When it comes to size, bigger isn’t always better. Decide whether your partner would prefer a large stone or a smaller one. Does size or quality matter more? This can help when deciding on the type & shape of diamond or gemstone.

Types of Metal

When it comes to a forever ring, True Bijoux recommends investing in gold or platinum. These are the two hardest precious metals you can use in jewelry. Pick a metal that suits their complexion, or matches other jewelry they love to wear. For warm tones: yellow gold or rose gold. For cool tones: white gold or platinum.

Gold is naturally yellow in hue, but can be alloyed into three colours (pink, white and yellow). Color is achieved by mixing different metals in with pure gold. This also results in different karats of gold (10K, 14K, 18K are what we use in our jewelry). The karat is the gold purity - the lower the karat, the less pure the metal is. For example, 10K is 10/24 parts gold while 18K is 18/24 parts gold.

Platinum is it’s own separate metal. It’s a precious silvery-white metal that’s popular in jewelry for its color, rarity & durability. We highly recommend platinum or gold over silver for white metals in engagement rings – they will last much longer.

different metals


There are so many different styles of rings out there. We say, don’t get caught up in a trend. An engagement ring can be funky or classic, but it’s ultimately a symbol of your unique love story. Take cues from their current style (or Pinterest page). Asking a sibling, friend or coworker if they have any helpful input can be a lifesaver too. Some couples opt to shop as a team to ensure 100% success.

 When you decide on your dream style, keep in mind that the more stones/settings there are, the more labor/cost can increase. Be sure to pay attention to the thickness of the metal. Claws or shanks that are too thin can result in stones falling out or risk breaking unexpectedly. This will lead to costly repairs, ongoing maintenance and even potentially having to buy a new ring.

engagement rings


Find the Right Jeweler

Make sure you work with a jewelry professional who is open & honest with you throughout the process. At True Bijoux, it’s important to us to guide you to the perfect ring while keeping the experience enjoyable. We want you to feel comfortable asking as many questions as you want without feeling rushed or pressured. The right jeweler will work hard to assure you & your partner are elated with your engagement ring choice.


Some retailers do not provide precious jewelry aftercare instructions, or follow-up with clients once a ring is sold. A ring that is worn daily requires bi-annual inspections to catch any potentially problematic damages such as displaced prongs or thinning shanks. True Bijoux will be introducing a 6-month auto-text or e-mail program that will message you every 6 months to bring your ring in for cleaning & preventative check-up. We also offer appraisal services, which is a professional estimated value of a piece for insurance purposes.

All in all, there are many important factors to consider when purchasing an engagement ring. Take your time, as this will be a ring you will wear for many years to come.