Our 5 Favourite Holiday Proposal Ideas

Whether you believe in it or not, there really is a magical feeling in the air during the Christmas season. Maybe it’s the twinkle lights everywhere, that extra cup of hot chocolate your co-worker buys for you, being surrounded by friends and family, or the peaceful blanket of snow that falls at just the right time … there’s a reason why December is the most popular month for wedding proposals.
Since we see a lot of them here at True Bijoux, we’ve rounded up our most favourite Christmas proposal ideas. So grab your cup of hot cocoa and enjoy! 

At the Christmas Tree Farm:
As far as we’re concerned, there is nothing too cheesy for a holiday proposal. Take the opportunity to enjoy a winter picnic (make sure there are chairs or a bench!) by prepping some hot chocolate in a thermos and other warming goodies. We loved this inspiration from theyesgirls.com:
With an Advent Calendar:
We love traditional touches, and a home-made or hand-crafted advent calendar is not only the perfect way to surprise your honey, but it is an extra special Christmas decoration for years to come. Fill each calendar day with a special memory of your relationship and use the last day for the ring and special question!
In the Snow:
The early snowfall this year should make this one easy. Use a shovel, poinsettias, candles, or red roses to carve out “will you marry me” in a blanket of fresh fallen snow. There’s nothing more romantic than a declaration of love surrounded by the sparkle of a fresh snowfall!
At Home Christmas Tree Decorating:
Use a sharpie to write thoughtful notes about your relationship on tree ornaments with the ring and proposal on your tree topper. Offer to decorate the tree together and let your partner decorate with the special ornaments you prepared, saving the topper for last! Or keep it simple and tie the ring to a special ornament!
With Their Morning Java:
Got a coffee-lover as a partner? Make their Christmas morning coffee extra special with a hand-crafted and cheeky coffee mug that pops the question by the time they’re ready to take on the day.
Thinking of popping the question soon? Need some engagement inspo? Our staff has plenty of experience guiding clients and couples through their engagement - including supplying a loaner ring and helping out with ideas and prep work. Do you have a great proposal idea? Let’s hear it!