Our Newest In-Store Collection: Lab-grown Diamonds

There is a reason why diamonds are listed amongst some of the earth’s most valuable resources. It takes millions of years of pressure, carbon, and complicated physics to create those little sparklers we like to wear. And since we’re launching a collection of lab-grown diamonds we want to make sure you know about what we like to call “above-ground” diamonds. We are so excited to offer you the highest quality lab grown diamonds in a collection of stud earrings, solitaire necklaces and engagement rings.

You’re probably thinking “Amazing! But why the nickname ‘above-ground’”?
There seems to be a stigma or general lack of knowledge around lab grown diamonds because of the term “lab grown” or “man made”. These terms seem to imply that lab grown diamonds are not the real thing.

And yet they are. A lab grown diamond is made up of the same chemical and biological components as a naturally mined diamond, and is subjected to the same environmental factors as a naturally created diamond, only accelerated. To keep it simple, here at True Bijoux we like to call naturally mined diamonds “below-ground” diamonds; in that they were developed deep beneath the surface of the earth and were mined, whereas lab grown diamonds were developed “above-ground” by humans, but are equally as stunning.

Our collection of lab grown diamonds have the highest purity ratings and we offer a range of prices and sizes. Starting at $399, all of our lab grown diamond collection is set in 14k gold. Whether you are purchasing your first “important” gift for your special someone, or are looking for a classic addition to your love’s jewelry collection, these diamond are sure to satisfy. We are excited for you to see them!
A few benefits to purchasing a Lab Grown Diamond:
Environmental Impact: Lab grown diamonds take substantially less energy than earth mined diamonds to create

Superior Clarity and Purity: Because of the lab grown process, there are fewer imperfections and a higher degree of clarity in lab grown diamonds.
Of course, our offering doesn’t stop at our newest collection of lab grown diamonds. We also sell naturally mined diamonds, estate diamonds and Moissanite, as well as a variety of precious gems.
Wondering which option is best for you? Come into the store and ask us any questions you may have - see you soon!