Jewelry to Gift for Every Stage of Your Relationship

Whether your love for the holiday season comes with Grinch-level anxiety or Elf-inspired spontaneous caroling, Christmas is upon us and with that, comes the season of gift-giving. In a world where mass consumption is at a scary level, we get the importance of hand-picking a gift that is both thoughtful, and memorable.
This isn’t always easy, especially if you’re in the beginning stages of a relationship or even worse; that awkward “are we, aren’t we” stage of a relationship. It’s a tricky balancing act - a gift too generous can come across as too eager and holding back could send the wrong message.

So here to give you some tips on when and what jewelry to get at every stage in your relationship (yes, even the seasoned veterans need a hand now and then), we’ve developed this nifty guide so you don’t have to spend hours agonizing over this conundrum on your own.

It’s Just Chill / A handful of Dates
A Home cooked meal and a thoughtfully written card. Seriously, anything else will come across feeling like you want to make babies with this person and find a house in the suburbs.

No Titles Yet, Newly Dating
You see each other maybe once a week and haven’t had the “exclusivity” discussion yet. A good book by their favourite author, inexpensive tickets to a cool concert, or a fun activity is a good idea here. Or a cute pair of earrings under $60, like the pearl ones below.

A New Couple
You see each other several times a week and are exclusive. At this point, introducing jewelry is a meaningful touch. Stay away from rings, as this is a strong symbol of commitment and can come across as over the top. Keep your gift under $150 so that your budget is a nice, balanced correlation of your time together.

Social Media Official
You’ve probably gone through a birthday or family event or two, your status is social-media official, and you might be close to the L word. A ring might still be a bit too intimidating here, but don’t be afraid to up your budget to something that feels more indulgent, like fine jewelry instead of fashion jewelry, but that still suits your comfort zone. (Buyer’s tip: vintage jewelry is a great way to find a stunning piece with history at a lower price)

Serious and In Love
Maybe you’ve moved in together, you’ve met each others’ parents and are pretty deeply committed. You may or may not be getting ready to make a long term commitment. A ring is a thoughtful, intimate gift that shows you’re invested in the relationship and want to show your romantic devotion. A ring at this stage may be a precursor to an engagement ring so should stay away from any traditional engagement ring styles. This can also be a great jumping off point for stackable jewelry like rings which can be added to for anniversaries and special moments down the road. 
You’ve Found the One
At this point whether you’re engaged or not, you’ve invested some serious time in each other, and have grown together over the years. You’ve met extended family, perhaps traveled together, and might even be engaged and married (if you’re researching engagement rings, check out our post about engagement ring trends). Because you have grown more comfortable with each other, your gift could go the playful or super romantic route. 

Memorable Milestones
You’re clearly in this relationship for the long haul, and have been through many gift giving seasons together. There are milestones to be celebrating and at this point, a more extravagant jewelry purchase is totally acceptable (and for some, it’s expected ;). Perhaps it’s something that is worn for special occasions or that you would like to become a family heirloom. No matter your budget, here are some of our options to mark the memories of your relationship:

Of course, every couple is unique and your level of comfort will vary. We hope this guide provides you with some ideas and alleviates some of the anxiety you may feel as you embark on a new relationship or if you’re seeking thoughtful ideas for your special someone.

If you’re looking for more ideas, we would love to have you in the shop where we have many other pieces in stock along with knowledgeable staff who are always ready to help you.