Storing Your Jewelry like a Pro - Our Tips

You just spent $40 for your jewelry repair to get filed and polished, then you toss it carelessly into your bag (cringe). Maybe your small jewelry collection has basically turned into a jewelry depot, or you simply want to treat the few precious pieces you have with love and care.
No matter your storage issues or questions, we have the insiders’ tips and tricks to help with proper jewelry storage. Jewelry storage is ultimately about maintenance and prevention. You’ve invested money in your jewelry, and want to keep it looking the same as when you first got it, right?!

Let’s get this out there: jewelry tarnishes! If you have a sterling silver necklace that looks black, it’s not garbage. It has just built up a layer of tarnish, which can be cleaned off. What causes this tarnish? It’s a reaction when exposed to air too long. Yup, air. We know Etsy is full of cute jewelry displays for your bedroom, but displaying your pieces properly can help you avoid any discolouring.

Fashion Jewelry

If you have jewelry that is made of alternative materials such as plastic, wood, or beads, display away! These pieces can be displayed freely without tarnishing. Hooks, necklace stands, earring holders, bracelet holders, and ring trays are all fantastic ways to keep them organized

Fine Jewelry
  • Made with semi-precious stones, diamonds or jewelry crafted in gold and platinum, requires more care.

  • Store them in pouches or plastic bags to prevent tarnish.

  • Store them in their original packaging. Most jewelry stores and retailers assure their packaging is safe and secure.

  • Invest in a jewelry box. Good jewelry boxes are lined with soft fabric and have a lid to keep the air out.

  • Store your jewelry in a safe. This is recommended for sentimental or valuable heirloom pieces. You can keep your safe organized with boxes or trays.

We fully support coming down to see your local jeweler to get your jewelry cleaned, checked and repaired (hint hint). We’re huge advocates of maintaining your jewelry! However, too often we see someone pull out a ring wrapped in kleenex, or tangled jewelry in a zip lock bag.

When putting jewelry in your bag or in... your pockets (wince), we have a few tips for you:
  • A pouch is always a good option. Silk pouches work, but velvet pouches are thicker and really protect items from scratching.

  • If you keep your original boxes, it is wise to use that box when moving your jewelry.

  • If you don’t have pouches or boxes, fear not. Ziplock bags can work great.

  • Keep all your pieces in separate bags so they don’t rub together and scratch. If you’re carrying a chain, a pro tip is to leave an inch sticking out and close the bag tightly to prevent tangling. 

    So now your local trips are covered, but what if you’re going down south and want to bring some of your favourite accessories? Please, do not just throw them all in a makeup bag and call it a day. There are a few ways to make sure packing jewelry is stress-free, and your pieces remain in excellent condition:
    • Original boxes work in this case too! Your jewelry will easily withstand any bumps in the road if protected by a box.

    • Jewelry rolls are a space-efficient way to store your pieces and avoid tangling. They’re usually a velvet or protective material and allow you to fit many pieces in a small package.

    • Keep your treasures organized and protected in a travel-sized jewelry box designed to fit in your bags.

    • Never put your valuables in your luggage. Carry on only!

    Storage might seem like a trivial detail, but it really pays off in the long run. If you take care of your pieces, then you’ll be able to pass them down for generations as heirloom jewelry. Feel free to contact us for any jewelry-related inquiries, clearly no detail is too small for us.