Todd Reed Jewelry - The Todd Reed Story

At a very young age, Todd Reed was introduced to the world of fine art. His mother, a renowned commercial illustrator, ensured that Todd’s childhood was filled with creative work. When Todd was 10 years old, he witnessed a silversmith at work, and it forever changed his perception of design. “I watched in awe as this man turned sheet metal into body adornment in what seemed to be a very short amount of time,” says Reed.
Throughout his adolescence and early adulthood, Todd was drawn to creative arts such as culinary arts, painting, sculpting, clothing design, leather work and eventually, jewelry design. While in his teens, he graduated from culinary school with a developed appreciation for the process before the result.
After graduating, Todd became friends with a well-known diamond collector who completely took Todd under his wing. “His love for diamonds was infectious, and he showed me the artistry and miniature sculpture that appeared in the rough stones,” says Reed. During their time together, Todd fell completely in love with the rawness of these stones. Pairing his enduring love for nature with his newfound love of raw diamonds, Todd developed an aesthetic that was distinctive and years ahead of its time.
In the 1990s, the jewelry industry perceived rough diamond material as being too obscure for finished jewelry. Todd Reed saw that as a positive and began designing jewelry around the rough material. In 1992, Todd established his business and introduced the raw diamond to his artistic jewelry line. By using recycled metals and ethically-sourced diamonds, he started a trend that would later become a revolution in the years to follow.


Todd had been moving around Colorado for some time, drawn to a lifestyle that allowed him to stay closely connected with nature. In 2001 he settled in Boulder, CO, where he purchased his first industrial design/distribution space and began designing jewelry for individual collectors.

By 2010, Todd had outgrown his space and decided to build a Retail Showroom and jewelry studio on Boulder’s downtown Pearl Street Mall. The Pearl Street Studio currently stands as the Todd Reed headquarters and has since become a go-to destination for Todd Reed collectors from around the world. It currently houses a retail sales team, an inventory department, 16 master jewellers, administration, a marketing department, a wholesale department and Todd himself.

At the heart of every success is Todd’s commitment to authentic design. Todd proudly stands behind his product and his values. He offers a lifetime guarantee on the craftsmanship of every piece.

Just as important to him is the support of his partners and staff. From the skilled jewellers who bring his designs to life, to the customer service team ready to guide you through your experience, every dedicated employee contributes to the name Todd Reed as much as Todd himself. We are passionate about everything we do, from concept to finished quality.